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Fishingpartner Sweden provide all kinds of fishing all over Iceland. Sorry to say we don´t have much time to update this english version of our website.
Below we list some of our fishing areas.
  We provide fishing in many of the best rivers and lakes in Iceland. Laxá in Adaldalur is one of our best troutrivers. Please contact us if you want more info.

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trout from the highland Hekla area in Iceland
A seven pound trout caught in the highland area northeast from mount Hekla


Some examples of the waters where we provide fishing are listed below

  • Laxá in Adaldalur and Laxá Myvatn
  • Litlaá
  • Myrarkvisl
  • Reykjadalsá-Eyvindarlaekur
  • Flokadalsá
  • Arnarvatnsheidi in the highlands
  • Langá
  • Fjallabak highlandfishing
  • Sea fishing in different areas around Iceland
  • Many other waters on request

We give you all information needed on request. Aside from fishing licenses, rental cars and guides are possible to book with us to a very good price. Some waters are difficult to book with short notice, but if we get a request in the autumn the possibilities are mostly very good.

Use our phone numbers: +46-18 51 03 62 or +46-708-55 85 33 or send an email to


    Photo left picture by Petter Mörk Stockholm Sweden


Salmonfishing in the Ellidaá river of Reykjavik

You can reach us on telephone number: +46-18 51 03 62 or +46-708-55 85 33 or via email to


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